September No. 4

Davenport Living Snowfence Demonstration

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Snowfences are common in those areas subject to significant snowfall. Snowfences, a specialized windbreak, are designed to divert drifting snow so it will accumulate in a predictable location. As wind blows downwind through a semi-porous tree-based snow fence, it slows, causing the snow in the air to drop and gather behind the trees, thus minimizing the amount blown o­nto roadways. Snow accumulation helps reduce the cost and time needed for road maintenance and snow plowing. Evergreen trees and shrubs make excellent snowfences, to reduce wind and to trap snow, although they are not commonly used in the dry land wheat-growing areas of Eastern Washington. No o­ne knows for sure why we do not see more snowfence type windbreaks in this part of the state, but we do know that utilizing new technologies and designs, snowfences can be grown successfully.

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