June No. 2

Bigleaf Maple Syrup

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Not too long ago, the idea was hatched by Harold Macy, Gary Backlund, Lawrence Lampson, Louie Lapi, Jay Rastogi and Bram Lucieer to start a West Coast maple sap and syrup industry. This effort was brought together through the Master Woodland Manager component of the British Columbia Small Woodlands Program. The Master Woodland Manager program has created an incredibly positive and beneficial influence for those that manage small woodlands. Those that benefited by direct training passed that knowledge o­n to many other small woodland managers.

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Birch Tapping Industry Developing in British Columbia

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A growing cottage industry based o­n tapping paper birch (Betula papyrifera) is helping to strengthen and diversify the rural economy of British Columbia (BC) and interest is spreading across Canada.

Within the interior of BC, paper birch, also known as "white birch" or "canoe birch", is naturally abundant o­n both private and provincial forestlands. It typically grows o­n lowlands to lower mountain slopes and is a shade intolerant species; as such, it thrives well o­n previously burned and / or harvested sites where it may form pure stands. As the forest matures, it usually is restricted to openings.

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