October No. 2

A note to AFTA Members

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Temperate Agroforester

Volume 18 Number 3 – October 2012

Hello Fellow Agroforesters! In this Fall 2012 issue of the Temperate Agroforester, you will find exciting news about recent developments in Agroforestry both in Northern America and in Europe. Several of our members have attended a number of related Agroforestry events and have developed good reports. Others have published articles that might shape the future of Agroforestry. Agroforestry is in action indeed. Happy reading!

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Great Plains Windbreak Renovation & Innovation Conference

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A very successful Windbreak Renovation & Innovation Conference was held July 24–26, 2012 at the International Peace Garden (www.peacegarden.com). This unique 2, 400 acre facility is devoted to World Peace and situated on the border between Manitoba and North Dakota. The Peace Garden was an ideal location to host the International Windbreak Conference.

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A New Agroforestry Federation Takes Shape in Europe

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Agroforestry is alive and well in Europe. Until recently, there was no “European-wide” agroforestry association, and only a few European countries had agroforestry associations. EURAF – European Agroforestry Federation formed late last year and held its first European Agroforestry Conference in October in Brussels, Belgium. Over 100 participants attended from 17 countries. There were two days of very interesting presentations about agroforestry across Europe. 

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