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Since approximately 1986, the landowner has rotationally grazed beef cattle on his 10-acre woodlot. The woodlot consists of walnut, oak, maple, and butternut. The cattle keep the understory brush from suppressing the growth of forage grasses without damaging the larger, high-value trees. This system allows trees and grass to grow in the same area, which maximizes short-term grass production and long-term valuable hardwood production.

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General Location
3 miles S. of La Crescent on Hwy. 25; Houston County.
To provide a grazing area for beef cattle while growing high value timber for future sale.
According to the landowner, the silvopastoral woodlot area produces valuable hardwoods and as much cattle forage as the adjacent open pastures not producing trees.
Contact Name
Richard Malinowski
3431 Hwy 25
City, State Zip
La Crescent, MN 55947